MLCCC 2016-12-16 news letter

Dear Parents,

Dr. Yang Zhen’s college application seminar last Sunday was very well received!  Thank you so much Dr. Yang, for magnanimously sharing your knowledge (and driving such a far distance to our school to do so)!  Thank you to our PTO President Sherry Wang for arranging this wonderful opportunity.  Dr. Yang has given us permission to share his PowerPoint slides and the audio recording of his seminar (recording starts ~10 minutes into the seminar) with interested parents.  Please contact Sherry Wang at if you are interested in either the slide and/or the recording.  



Looking forward to see you this Sunday!

Best Regards,

Li, Xia - Principal
Julia Chou - Director of Operations and Communications
Sherry Wang - PTO President
MLCCC Chinese Weekend School
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