MLCCC 2018-11-11 news letter

Dear Parents,

The parking lot right in front of the main school entrance will be closed this Sunday due to a Veterans Day Ceremony at GVHS. Please use side lots to park. Thank you for your attention. 

Parent On Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, November 11, Thank You!

1-3PM: Gao Huaxin

3-5PM: Zhang Haiying

Sign Up link is HERE. There are still many slots open in November, December.

1. MLP Fall Term Exam This Sunday

Best of luck to our students!  If your class is having a post-exam mini-party, please clean up the classrooms afterward.   

2. Community Seminar: “Everyday Legal Issues” This Sunday 3PM Room 156, Presented by Dafan Zhang, Esq.

Come and learn about common legal issues and the pitfalls to avoid. The presentation will mainly be in English. Q&A will be in Chinese and English.  See this flyer in Chinese for more info.  All are welcome.

3. PTO’s “Wall of Gratitude” (感恩墙) This Sunday and Next Sunday

Continuing this wonderful event started last year, in an effort to teach our children the importance of being thankful, the “Wall of Gratitude” will be set up in the Admin Hallways this Sunday and next Sunday. Large colorful post-it notes will be distributed and children will write the thankful messages on these post-it notes and stick them onto the Wall themselves. Messages can be in English, in Chinese, in pictures or drawings, etc. as long as they come from the children’s hearts and minds. Some children will do the writing during their mini-parties, others will write during recess. All children are welcome to write and post.

4. PTO Would Like to Thank Teacher Mao, Mingyu

Teacher Mao has been our favorite second-grade teacher for more than 10 years, she teaches both at our weekend school and summer camp. Since last year, she and her husband, Mr. Jin, Jian, has also been helping with our popular school store by picking up bulky snacks from the Herr’s factory location and transporting it to our school, PTO wishes to recognize Mao Laoshi and her husband for their caring and loving spirit, thank you!

5. Another Follow Up on Parents/Teachers Survey Action Items

In response to feedback in the survey at the end of last school year, we have rearranged the Back Gym Schedule so that basketball and our tennis classes are no longer concurrent. Basketball is now full court from 12:30-2:00.  Tennis is now 2:00-5:00. Thank you, Peter Zeng, PTO basketball club leader, for your coordinating efforts and for the cooperation of everyone involved. Gym Safety will be improved in the Back Gym as a result.

Whenever anyone has concerns, feel free to add them to the survey here, we listen, and respond.

In Chinese:

In English:

Look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday!

Best Regards,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Xiaofeng Tang - PTO President

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