MLCCC 2017-11-05 news letter

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow is September the 9th (农历九月九日) in our Lunar Calendar, a traditional "Chong Yang" holiday (“重阳节”). This is a holiday when we all show our deep respect, loving and caring to the elderlies (老人) in our families. We wish all the seniors of MLCCC community a very happy holiday! 尊老爱老好传统, 重阳敬老好家风。祝大家“重阳节” 快乐!

Thank you again to Dr. Weiguo Li, Penn Medicine CAREs Grant, and Principal Qunbin Xiong for another successful flu shots campaign last Sunday!  Several dozen people, including quite a few seniors, took advantage of this PTO coordinated health promoting, time and money saving program! This was especially meaningful in celebration of the "Chong Yang" holiday with our seniors.

Parent On Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, October 29th, Thank You!

1-3:  Li, Xiaobin

3-5: Sun, Mingqian