MLCCC 2018-05-27 news letter

Dear Parents,

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for a wonderful school year!  It was a challenging year for all of us to transition from prior Admin to the current Admin, and from prior PTO to the current PTO.  But so many people stepped up and together we triumphed over the challenges!

We want to give a HUGE round of applause to our PTO!!  They have worked harder for our Weekend 4-hour-per-week School than any regular school’s PTO we have ever seen!!  Admin could not have been successful without them!!

Zhihong Lai - Seminars, Photos, Photo Club Teacher, events

Lu Li - President, Photos, MLCCC Awareness Day (Trivia Game), MLCCC first ever Promotional Video (check out how amazing it is here!!)

Yufeng Li - Treasurer and events

Shuguang Liang - Sign-Ups and Picnic

Lijie Men - Fitness Club, Events

Mingqian Sun - School Store and events

Jinlin Tong - School Store and events

Xia Zhu - Events and School Store

We also want to thank our Video Club and Photo Club for capturing the beautiful images this past year!  Having a quality photo for newspaper/media was so hard before and not anymore!

Together with many warm-hearted and supportive parents, grandparents, and Teachers’ Assistants, we made many improvements during the past year: more students than ever participated in our contests, sign-ups are now electronic, registration is more online and less through paper, character recognition contest is electronic, decisions are more based on surveys, best Gala and culture fair ever, MLCCC became certified for President’s Volunteer Service Award (youngest eligible age is 5 years old!), and much more.  

Read our story on MLCCC Wechat Public

See our story on China Press

We hope to continue the success next year!, To help us do that, we have compiled a survey (one in Chinese and one in English) for all of our parents and teachers.  They are not that long. We base our decisions and actions on survey results. Please fill them out.

Survey (Chinese version) is here

Survey (English version) is here


June 3: Noon-4PM, PTO Picnic at Valley Creek Park.  See attached flyer for details.

Picnic sign-up is here.

See what foods will be brought here.

June 18: Our Summer Camp begins.

June 22: Weekend school Early Bird registration ends.

Sept 9: First Day of Next School Year (See you then!)

All the best,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Lu Li - PTO President

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