MLCCC 2017-04-29 Speech Contest Results, Bao Zong Zi, Additional Chinese Class, PTO Raffle Results

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather!  

Announcing MLCCC's new Chairman of the Board of Directors: Dr. Zhongping Huang, PhD.

As we build our new admin team, we are also building our new board. With extensive search and recommendation from our community, we are very pleased to introduce to you MLCCC's new Chairman of the Board of the Directors, Dr. Zhongping Huang.

Dr. Huang is an Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the School of Engineering at Widener University.

A graduate from Zhejiang University of China, Dr. Huang earned his PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Kentucky in 2003 and joined Widener University in 2004. Dr. Huang is an active member both at the University and local community, in particular the Chinese communities, including the Main Line Chinese Culture Center.  He currently serves simultaneously on the Boards of the Directors of both his Department and the School of Engineering and has extensive knowledge of directorship and advising expertise.

Dr. Huang shares and believes strongly in our core missions at the Main Line Chinese Culture Center and is committed to promote our causes by leading and working with the Board of the Directors. He will also be involved in the recruitment of new Directors and the restructure of the Board for the continued success in our missions.

We warmly welcome Dr. Huang to join us for the common causes of MLCCC!

Rest of School Year Events and Deadlines

MLCCC Art Class Students Work Exhibit/Favorite Artist Contest moved to 5/7

5/7: also Textbook Sale; last day of in class learning

5/14: Assembly and Sports Day

6/4: PTO Picnic