MLCCC 3/10/2017 - Daylight Saving Time, Character Contest, Persistency Award, and much more!

Dear Parents,

This is an urgent plea to all parents:

We have had a few parents contact the school regarding kids running fast in the hallway during class breaks and a few accidents have already occurred where the kids ran into each other and one or both kids fell onto the hard floor badly.  Even though no injury has occurred or was reported to us, this is a serious accident waiting to happen!  We ask all of our parents, during class breaks specially, to pay attention and to stop kids running as soon as you see them!  The safeties of our children are most important to us all and can only be achieved through our collective efforts.

Starting this week, school will post no running signs in the hallway, so please help the school by telling the kids to observe the rules and stop running.  We thank you for your cooperation and your attention.

向全体老师和家长的紧急呼吁:孩子们的安全第一, 共同努力把意外事故防患于未然!

最近以来不断有家长向学校反映他们在走廊里发现孩子们快速的奔跑,尤其在楼道和走廊的转弯处。几个负责任的家长反映说,看到已经有几次不大不小的碰撞事件发生,他们的孩子被突然撞到在地,书包或者其他的物品被撞得满地都是。小孩子撞到在地,会碰撞在非常光滑和坚硬的地板上。这是一个极大的安全隐患,我们希望再次呼吁全体老师及家长们,以身作则,加强安全意识,帮助学校维持楼道次序和安全,发现孩子们奔跑的时候一定要进行阻止。 只有大家充分的认识孩子们安全的重要性,共同努力把意外事故防患于未然!

本周学校将在走廊里摆放“不准奔跑, 奔跑危险” 标记, 希望家长们随时随地提醒孩子们,课间走廊内不准奔跑!把任何意外和事故防患于未然!




Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Best Regards,

Li, Xia - Principal
Julia Chou - Director of Operations and Communications
Qunbin Xiong - Vice Principal
Sherry Wang - PTO President
MLCCC Chinese Weekend School
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