MLCCC 2017-12-24 news letter

Dear Parents,

Our Weekend School will be closed this Sunday, Dec. 24 and next Sunday, Dec. 31 for the holidays. We wish everyone a safe, relaxing, joyous holiday season and a very happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you in 2018! (School will resume on Jan. 7.)

School calendar is attached or see it here: MLCCC 2017-18 Academic/Community Calendar

The two-week break is a great opportunity to:

- submit a Speech Contest video if you are interested, or

- study for the MZHY midterm exam on Jan. 7 if your class is having it that day.  

-review what you have learned and get ready for the new term

1.  Most of CHL-MZHY Classes Have Midterm Exams on Jan. 7

Good luck to all the students!    

2. Chinese Speech Contest Submission Continues:  Submit Your Speech Video Recording By Jan. 7

This year, to make it easier and encourage more children to participate in MLCCC’s annual Chinese Speech Contest, we will use a new contest process for Round 1 - video recordings. This will be a great opportunity for parents to get involved in child’s learning.

Interested families can video record their children’s speech at home or on vacation, and submit to us by Jan. 7. You can record with a cell phone or fancier equipment of your choice, as long as we can hear and see the speech/presentation clearly.

Top performers from Round 1 will compete in Round 2 at Weekend School in person in front of judges at a future date.  

Contest Rules:

A. Participant must recite a piece from memory. It can be a story, a poem, or a tongue twister, from textbook or child’s own writing.

B. Video length (speech) must be shorter than 3 minutes.

C. Video record at the very beginning a card with Title of the Speech (Name of the Story), Contestant’s Name, Age, Grade Level, Teacher, and Parent Contact Email.

D. No background music or stage tools are allowed.

Eligible Participants:

Students who are currently in our Chinese language classes (CHL or CSL) grade 1 or level 1 and above.


The competition will be within the following 5 groups:

CSL Levels 1-3,

CSL Levels 4-5,  

CHL Grades 1-3,

CHL Grades 4-6,

CHL Grades 7 and above,

Video Requirements (in order to correctly identify all the videos):

On a card, write down the following info and include it at the beginning of the speech video: Title of the Speech (Name of the Story), Contestant’s Name, Age, Grade Level, Teacher, and Parent Contact Email as shown in the photo below:

Judges and Judging:

We will invite a few of our teachers and volunteer parents to be the contest judges.

The judges will be looking at pronunciation, tone, content, fluency, and presentation.

 The top performers of each group will be selected for the live speech contest in school at a later date.

Videos of the top performers, with parental permission, will be broadcasted on school’s new 55-inch LED TV during school hours and during our Gala’s Culture Fair.

Videos Upload Instructions:

If you would like to submit a video for competition, please email us at, we will then email you the instruction/location to upload your video file to.

Best Regards,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Lu Li - PTO President

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