MLCCC 2017-01-27 news letter

Dear Parents,

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!  May the Year of the Rooster bring your family much happiness and good fortune. 祝大家新的一年里幸福平安,万事如意!!!

Our Chinese New Year Gala is this coming Sunday January 29, 1pm-5pm, right at GVHS!!  

1pm-3pm: Performance Show in Auditorium

3pm-5pm: Culture Fair in Cafeteria

Additionally, we will have:

- King’s Village Restaurant 虹城餐厅 with traditional Chinese food;

- East Star Restaurant with Chinese take-out combos, will arrive at 11:30am.  If you are rehearsing at GVHS this Sunday morning and would like to order, please use the form at the following link.  Please order by Saturday noon, we need to give order to restaurant by then.  Thank you.

- Merchandise from Asian Wonders (formerly Hometown China) store and our school, sold at a discount;

- Silent auction of Chinese tea and mushrooms, People’s Light theater tickets, sports merchandise (come get a great deal);

Call for Food Donation and Volunteering - Need More:

Many thanks to those who have signed up for volunteering or donating!  We still need more hands and more food/snacks!  Please help so that we can run our show and fair smoothly, and our little ones have plenty of varieties to choose from with their red envelope school dollars.

School dollars will be accepted at the PTO food station.  King’s Village food and East Star boxed lunches will be cash only.

The donated food/snack can be either homemade or store bought, can be salty or sweet, ideally in individual snack size/pack. Please label your food donation with your name, for future recognition purposes, and remember to take back your leftovers and containers at the end of the gala.

We really appreciate the parents and teenagers who have offered to volunteer at our Gala.  We need MORE!  Our community’s biggest event cannot run smoothly without all of your help. So loan us a hand, we’re counting on you!

We especially need middle or high school students who can supervise our Culture Fair’s craft and game tables in the cafeteria from preferably 2:15pm.  Even though the Culture Fair officially starts at 3pm, many young kids start trying to play the stations at around 2:15pm. The tasks are very simple. Even 1 hour of assistance from 2:15-3:15 is extremely helpful. Teachers and parents are also needed to supervise the stations after the Show is over and everyone moves into the cafeteria.  

Please respond to this email and let us know if you can help or donate food/drink.

Admin Arriving at GVHS:

10am, to set up and decorate.  If anyone would like to help out, that would be greatly appreciated!  

Rehearsals at GVHS mid-late morning:

Many classes, such as dance, CHL G1, CHL G2, etc. will come to GVHS this Sunday morning to rehearse.

Only Auditorium and Cafeteria will be Open - no in-class learning this Sunday

We will not have access to classrooms and the gym.

Parents Arriving at GVHS:

Regardless of your usual class time, if you are performing on stage, follow your teacher's directions on when to arrive at GVHS. For example, even if you normally come to GVHS for a 3pm class, your teacher will ask you to arrive earlier if you are performing.

Where to Sit in the Auditorium:

Children should sit with their parents and are their parents’ responsibility.  Our teachers’ responsibility is to bring the class onto the stage and supervise their performance.  

Dropping off Food Donation:

The food drop off tables will be right outside the cafeteria, very visible. If you are bringing food to the Gala, please

- bring in any necessary serving utensils;

- mark your food with your name for future recognition;

- take back your containers and any unsold leftovers at the end of the day.

Thank you for your donation!!

Safety and Security:

Parents, please keep track of your children. Because this is a free, open-to-all event, we are expecting lots of people and have hired a police officer to patrol the grounds. Hence there will be a police car near the main entrance. This hiring is purely a precaution. We have never had a safety/security issue at our Gala before nor do we have any reason to expect an incident. We're just being safety-conscious. In addition to the officer, we will also have parents patrolling the grounds as well. Please help us with safety by being vigilant and alert all the time. If you notice anything unusual, please let either the officer or Admin know.

Start Time:

We are aiming to start on time at 1pm. Please be seated by then.

Performance Order:

The attached program list shows the performance order.

Ascending the Stage:

About 2-3 acts before your child's act, please follow your teacher's instruction to line up for going onto the stage. To avoid disturbing the ongoing performance, please leave the auditorium from the back door. Stage entrance is outside the auditorium room on the right hand side if you're facing the stage.

Supervising Game Stations:

Each game station will be clearly marked as to which station it is. Thank you for your help!

Our Gala Sponsors:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following sponsors for helping to make our gala possible:

A-Plus Dental Care

Beijing Duck House

C2 Education

China USA International

Helene De Vlieghere - Realtor at Century 21

Delaware Valley Tennis Academy

The Episcopal Academy

Terence Farrell - Chester County Commissioner

Food Basket

International Montessori Schools

Susan Klinger - Agent at Farmers Insurance

Clara Kong - Partner at New York Life

Lei's Auto & Collision Service Center

Dr. Weiguo Li - Pennsylvania Union Medical Center

Dr. Xiaobin Li - Everest Medical Care Center

The Malvern School of Music

Nature Soy, Inc.

Penn Medicine

People's Light Performing Arts Theater

Dr. Lin Qiu - Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Grace Tian - Realtor at Realty Mark Associates

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

West Chester University

Rui Yang - Realtor at Keller Williams

Pin Yao - Financial Advisor at Prudential

Wei Yong - Financial Advisor at Transamerica

Last but not least, let's have a blast and ring in the Year of the Rooster!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Best Regards,

Li, Xia - Principal
Julia Chou - Director of Operations and Communications
Sherry Wang - PTO President
MLCCC Chinese Weekend School
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