MLCCC 2018-04-01 news letter

Dear Parents,

There is No class this Sunday (04/01/2018), so Happy Spring Break to all!

But please note that the Early Registration deadline for our Summer Camps is this coming Monday, April 2nd.  To Save $50, you must register on or before Monday, April 2nd (post-marked).

Chinese Language and Culture: download the registration form here.

Enrichment: download the Combo registration form here.

Consolidated and improved, this year’s both Math and English Writing Classes are much better values, we invite parents to give it a try.

Math Enrichment (3rd-6th graders in Sept):
The classes will be geared towards the math aptitude of the group so that each class will have a tailored program with topics that are age appropriate.  Both classes will build problem-solving skills and strategies to solve real-world problems.  Examples of possible topics are - arithmetic, graphs, fractions, geometry for younger class; negative numbers, decimals, ratios, rates, percents, basic algebra, basic statistics for the older class.  Brainteasers, games, and competitions will also add to the fun and creativity of the class.
Content will be different from last summer.

Fencing (ages 7-14, equipment provided):
Fencing, known as “physical chess”, is a graceful and fast sport that hones mental agility.  The class will emphasize having fun while practicing discipline, acquiring strength and improving gross motor skills, using a variety of games to promote strength, coordination, and tactics.  

English Writing (3rd-4th graders in Sept):

Throughout the two weeks, students will learn about and participate in all elements of the writing workshop process from brainstorming to editing, and sharing and receiving ideas and refining their work.  They will read mentor texts to study and imitate in their own writing. They will be writing for various text types and purposes.  Genres such as opinion, explanatory, research, and narrative writing will be integrated into fun ways to keep students engaged. Using techniques such as planning their narratives as a storyboard or in a graphic novel form will push students to add details, use dialogue, and focus on word nuance.  Grammar and mechanics will also be studied to improve readability of their pieces.

English Writing (5th-6th graders in Sept):

This course will focus on teaching and strengthening Text-Dependent Analysis skills.  

With an increased demand for 21st-century skills for young people entering the workforce, students in today’s classroom are being asked to demonstrate a greater ability to analyze information.  Text-dependent analysis requires readers to analyze information within a variety of texts, and then synthesize information in order to develop answers to higher order thinking questions. By building this skill, students are better prepared to interpret the meaning behind the information they read, and in turn, form arguments and other original thoughts about the topics they read.

Week one of this course will focus on learning the steps to text-dependent analysis when analyzing nonfiction texts.  Students will learn strategies for identifying important information, analyzing that information as it applies to a specific question, and then generating a response that shows a high degree of synthesis and clarity of thought. The second week, the focus will shift to developing the same skills with fictional text.  

Another element of the course will focus on a new way of learning called project-based learning, specifically following a model used by Google LLC called Genius Hour.  Students will engage in an inquiry-based project in an area of their choosing. Students will pick a topic, such as coding, music, or architecture, and they will learn to gather information on that topic with the goal of presenting what they have learned to their community.  For an hour each day, students will learn how to gather credible sources, how to apply text-dependent analysis skills to learn more about their topic, and then learn how to present their findings in a purposeful way.

Best Regards,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Lu Li - PTO President

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