MLCCC 2018-04-08 news letter

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone had a restful Spring Break!  Our Weekend School resumes this Sunday.

We will have egg hunt this Sunday at 2:50 pm.  Please bring a bag to hold the eggs and also return the eggshells back to us.  Whether the activity will be indoor (Admin Hallway) or outdoor (courtyard) depends on weather/grounds and will be decided on site.  But regardless of where we need help stuffing more eggs. We have already stuffed 1,000 eggs but we need to stuff another 1,000 (more eggs to hunt, more fun for our children), so please come and help out if you can.  Thank you!

School Safety and Facility Use:

As we mentioned before, we had an incident on March 11th when two of our older students ventured into a distant non-rented hallway and propped an outside door open with a trash can.  They forgot to close this door when they left, so this door remained open into the night and caused an alarm to go off, security to come to GVHS, multiple criticisms from GVHS, and a fine for us.  We identified these two students through GVHS security camera photos and spoke with both of them and their parents. We were very glad to see that they were both honest and remorseful, and that the reason for them to open that door was simply to play with the snow outside to pass the time (as opposed to a more worrying reason).   

While no one was harmed, this incident is a good reminder to all of us of GVHS’s safety and facility use rules.  We all need to be more conscientious and observant of safety. Our vigilance will be worth it if an emergency ever happens.  Hence starting from this Sunday, we will be enforcing our School Safety and Facility Use Rules, including during pickup and drop-off times.  Below are some, not all, of the rules.  Please take time to discuss with your family/children. Let’s all be more conscientious about observing the rules together.


1. No exit or entry from either side door (the doors to the street at the end of our wings).  A No Trespassing sign will be posted. These doors lead right onto the street. Too dangerous.  GVHS already has “No Entry” signs on them.

2. No parking in the fire lanes.  These fire lanes are right outside the main entrance.  Police have ticketed before. GVHS’s big buses could not get in.  Parking for a few minutes, while you walk your child to class, is parking. No driver in the car is a parked car and can be ticketed.

3. No entry into the hallways where we have no classroom rental.  Adults who would like to work in a quiet place can use Room 166 (our Parents / Seminar Room) or prop up a chair in one of our rented hallways.  No Trespassing signs will be posted in these hallways.

4. Put things back the way you found them, or the way they should be.

5. No running or rough playing during recess.

6. No playing with water at the water fountains or in the bathroom.  This causes slippery floors.

7. No littering in the classroom or hallways.

8. Report any incident or unusual activity to Admin/PTO as soon as you see it.

We're also looking for a few Student Safety Ambassadors to help the school with enforcing the above rules. If your children are interested, please come to the Admin Desk.

Last but not least, GVHS has security cameras throughout the facility, just like other schools in our area.   

Thank you for your attention and your cooperation.

Parent On Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, April 8, Thank You!

1-3PM: Elaine Ma

3-5PM: Laura Huang