MLCCC 2018-09-09 news letter

Dear Parents,

This Sunday, September 9, at GVHS, is the first day of class of the new school year!  Welcome back to old friends and look forward to meeting new families!  

1.  First Day = Back to School & Community Fair!  Check Out Attached Flyer!

In addition to the usual registrations and textbook sale, we are making this Sunday into a festive community affair with:

- Local organization exhibits;

- MLCCC T-Shirts for sale ($10).  

Custom designed Gildan ultra cotton T-shirt, with all sizes for man, Women, and children, buy and wear MLCCC T-shirt, and show off the spirit of our community. See the attached photos for actual look.

-All PTO/Admin will be wearing an MLCCC T-shirt (white with red logo).  So if you have a question, easy to spot us and ask. A team of PTO/Admin will help to find classrooms, sell textbooks, etc.  Thank you, PTO!!

- PTO sponsored Peking Duck House and School Store will both be onsite.  Buy some dinner and save cooking time!

Stations will be set up for registrations, payment, club sign ups (For adults: Photo, Video, Fitness, Taichi, Basketball, Volleyball, etc.  For children: Orchestra/Band), and much more.

Inside Classroom:

Discipline and safety review in all classes.  Additionally, many non-language classes will have a 10-minute mini-conference on teaching plans and goals.

2.  Warm Welcome to New and Returning Teachers!

(alphabetical order)

Ms. Cai Jie (MZHY G3):

Prior MLCCC senior teacher; many years of teaching experience including at Episcopal Academy and West Chester University.

Mr. Hu Wenyao (MLP G5, History & Literature, Traditions & History)

Prior MLCCC teacher; Studying Chinese history/culture is his passion; Graduated from the Philosophy Department of Wuhan University in China.

Ms. Kang Lan (Cartoon Animation and Intermediate Drawing)

7+ years of experience teaching Graphic Design; Master degree in Web Design from Philadelphia university.

Ms. Zhang Zongjie (CSL Level 5)

Prior MLCCC teacher; 10+ years of teaching experience; certified teacher of Mandarin from China; Graduated from Education Department of Beijing Normal University.  

3.  Warm Welcome to 2018-2019 PTO Members!

Message from current PTO:

To maintain the vitality of our PTO and ensure that our School keeps up with the times, one of our tenets is to take in new ideas from new members.  To that end, we the PTO have decided to adopt a tenure system in which each member volunteers for 1.5 years, where the 0.5 year is when old and new members overlap and work together to ensure a seamless transition.   

Therefore, drumroll, our new 2018-2019 MLCCC Weekend School PTO members are:

President: Tang Xiaofeng

Members (in no particular order): Feng Xufang, Xu Lei, Cao Li, Zeng Chuibi, Liu Yan, Wen Xiaoqian, Mao Yingying, Xiao Wen.  

A big round of applause for these 9 magnanimous people!  (Last year’s PTO will still be around to watch over the growth of our children and school.  You are welcome to talk to us anytime!)

4.  Consider Switching from Crowded to Uncrowded Class

Montessori Pre-K 3PM (crowded) to same class at 4PM

Montessori K 1PM (crowded) to same class at 3PM

Drawing 3PM (crowded) to Drawing at 2PM

5.  Textbook Prices

- No textbooks are needed for Montessori Chinese Pre-K and K.

- 马力平 Ma Liping: $50 per set

- 美洲华语 MeiZhouHuaYu:  $25 per set

- CSL1-5: $46-$50 per set.  Check with your teacher before buying. CSL Levels 2+ will likely continue to use last year's textbook for at least the first few weeks.

- CSL 6: $55 per set.

- Harvest - 收获 (AP中文九年级) $75

- Exact cash or check payable to "MLCCC" would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

6.  马力平 MLP Summer HW Reward from Teachers

For those students who completed their MLP Summer HW book, please go to your teacher for the school dollar reward.

Look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday!

Best Regards,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Xiaofeng Tang - PTO President

MLCCC Chinese Weekend School



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