MLCCC 2018-10-28 news letter

Dear Parents,

Thank you to Dr. Weiguo Li of Penn Union Medical Center ( and a Grant from Penn Medicine CAREs for another successful, health-promoting, time and money saving Flu shots campaign last Sunday!  Since 2015, the Penn Medicine Grant has made it possible for us to offer FREE Flu Shots to our seniors. If your company can support MLCCC’s health and wellness programs, please recommend us to your company, thank you.

Parent On Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, October 28, Thank You!

1-3PM: Michelle Smith


Sign Up link is HERE. There are still many slots open in November, December.

1. Seminar in Chinese: “如何填写 Financial Aid FAFSA” This Sunday 3PM Room 156, Presented by a “Been there and Done that” Parent,  based on their past application success. See this flyer for more info. All welcome.

2. Safety: Do Not Park in the Fire Lanes Right in Front of Main Entrance or Next to the Parking Lot Entrance

It is illegal, dangerous to crossing pedestrians and cars turning into the parking lot, dangerous during an emergency, and police have ticketed cars there before. Please obey the traffic/parking rules while on Campus, it is the law, thank you.

3. Trick-or-Treat 2:45pm-3:05pm This Sunday!

- Come in costume, come in spirit, remind your children to bring a bag!

We encourage parents to dress up too!  Last year, every PTO member and Admin dressed up!  We will do the same this year! Be creative, be young at heart, show your spirit,  join our children for a fun day!

- 3 “Best Costume” Awards - 3 Virtual Reality viewers from Franklin Institute

will be awarded to children or adults.  Check out this video on the VR viewer.   

- Take 1 Item from Each Pile

Some items this year are a little more special/useful than prior years.  Please tell your children to take only 1 piece from each “Goody Pile” so there is enough for everyone.   

- Hallway Decoration/Dress Up Ideas and Volunteers Needed

We welcome decorating ideas, any help in setup, logistics/organization, and cleanup, etc.

- Trick or Treat Candy Donation

The more the merrier, in original package, unexpired, preferably nuts-free.  Thank you to the parents who have already donated!

4. Follow Up on Parents/Teachers Survey Action Items

At the end of last school year, we put out a survey to all parents and teachers on various aspects of our school.  We wanted to let you know that we are addressing your concerns in the survey one by one. For example, we have asked the religious group that always stood near our main entrance to leave.  Thank you to those who filled out the survey. If anyone has additional concerns (doesn’t have to be about last school year), the survey is still open, feel free to fill out or add them to the survey here.

In Chinese:

In English:

5. Chinese Opera in KOP: $10/Ticket & Buy 2 Get 1 Free 费城京剧社成立20周年演出, 在学校买票$10一张并买二送一!

Saturday, November 10, 2PM-5PM, Upper Merion Area Middle School in KOP.

With English and Chinese subtitles.  See flyer at the link.

6. United Way Campaign: MLCCC Donor Code is 45966

If your company is still in the annual campaign, please consider MLCCC, thank you!

Look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday!

Best Regards,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Xiaofeng Tang - PTO President

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