MLCCC 2019-09-08 news letter

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow, September 8, at GVHS, is the first day of our school year!  Welcome back to old friends, and we look forward to meeting new families!  We remind everyone to wear your MLCCC Ts to show our community spirit, for those who don't have one, see below to purchase one.

1.  First Day = Classes + MLCCC Spirit Day + Community Fair!  

In addition to having classes and the usual registrations and textbook sale, 

- Everyone who has an MLCCC T-Shirt please wear it and show our MLCCC Spirit!

T-shirts will be on sale, $10 if you don’t have it;  

- Local organization support and exhibits: Thanks to New York Life and DenoEdu (德诺教育) Student Service for their support.

Stations will be set up for registrations, payment, club sign-ups (For adults: Photo, Video, Fitness, Taichi, Tea, Cards/Games, Basketball, etc.), and much more.

Inside the Classroom:

Discipline and safety review in all classes.  Additionally, many non-language classes will have a 10-minute mini-conference on teaching plans and goals.

2.  Warm Welcome to New and Returning Teachers!

(alphabetical order)

Ms. Cheng Yi (Montessori K):

Ms. Anna Ji (Chinese History & Literature G1-4)

Mr. Li Jiaming (Drawing, Chinese Painting)

Mr. Liu Yan (Tennis)

Ms. Lindsey Melvin (Ballet)

Mr. Wang LiAn (Magic)

Ms. Xiao Wen (Calligraphy)

Ms. Shelly Xia (Public Speaking & Eng. Writing)

Mr. James Xiong (Chinese Chess)

Ms. Zeng Yan (Dance Pre-Youth)

Mr. Zhu Guidong (Mathcounts)

3.  Warm Welcome to 2019-2020 PTO Members!

President: Li Xiaobin

Members: Gao Huaxin, Guo Zhen, Le Bin, Liu Yujie, Qian Lian, Sun Xiuru, Zhu Guidong.  

Last year’s PTO: Tang Xiaofeng (President), Cao Li, Feng Xufang, Liu Yan, Mao Yingying, Wen Xiaoqian, Xiao Wen, Xu Lei, Zeng Chuibi) will assist the new members and continue to watch over our children and community. 

During the annual Staf Safety and Teaching training last Friday, the current PTO Present Mr. Tang, Xiaofeng also called a meeting with new PTOs to start the transition work, the incoming PTO President Mr. Li, Xiaobin was present with all new standing members: the meeting was very productive and the PTO also had an opportunity to meet all teaching staff at the training.

They have the preliminary responsibility assignment as follows:

1. School store: Bin Le; Xiaobin

2. Seminar: Gao, Huaxin;

3. Finance: Liu, Yujie;

4. Parents-on-duty: Zhu, Guidong;

5. Event planning: Qian, Lian; 

6. Teaching support: Sun, Xiuru; 

8. Misc: Guo, Zhen 

A big round of applause for these magnanimous people!

4.  Textbook Prices

- No textbooks are needed for Montessori Chinese Pre-K and K.

- 马力平 Ma Liping: $50 per set

- 美洲华语 MeiZhouHuaYu:  $25 per set

- CSL1-5: $46-$50 per set.  Check with your teacher before buying. CSL Levels 2+ will likely continue to use last year's textbook for at least the first few weeks.

- CSL 6: $55 per set.

- Harvest - 收获 (AP中文九年级) $75

- To speed up the process, exact cash or check payable to "MLCCC" would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

5.  马力平 MLP Summer HW Reward from Teachers

For those students who completed their MLP Summer HW book, please go to your teacher for the school dollar reward. 

6. Annual Staff Safety and Teaching Training a Great Success with Record Attendance, thank you!

Last Friday, we had the 2019 annual safety and teaching training, we had a record attendance of our staff of both language and enrichment programs. An special feature of this year's session included a by invitation special seminar from Kind-U Director, Dr. Christine Gorigoitia, Psy.D. which was very well received. Please join me in thanking Christine for her generous support to our teaching staff.

7. Last but not least, we have great news to share with our community: During the summer, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a very generous grant of $100,000  from Dr. Li, Song, President of the FrontageLab, Inc. A Song Li China Culture Foundation has been established in his name to recognize his contribution to MLCCC. We will use this fund to enhance the various aspect of our mission as a China culture ambassador to the community. See attached for more detailed of the supported missions. Please join in thanking Mr. Li, Song and his family for his generous support!

Here are the details of the Foundation.

Look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday!


Best Regards,


Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Xiaofeng Tang - PTO President (2018-19)

Xiaobin Li - PTO President (2019-20)

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