MLCCC 2018-05-20 news letter

Dear Parents,

This Sunday is the last day of our school year.  Instead of in-class learning, we will be having our Assembly in the auditorium and Sports Day in the Back Gym.  

Official MLCCC Promotional Video will debut at Assembly!

Huge “Thank You”s to Li Lu (President of PTO), our Video Club, and our PTO, for directing and producing the amazing promotional video of MLCCC, which will debut during the Assembly.  Like many events this past school year, this is another First in MLCCC’s long history. View it, share it, and invite all of your friends to join our school and MLCCC community. MLCCC is more energetic and team-oriented than ever!

MLCCC motto is “Our Children’s Happiness is OUR Happiness”.

Assembly starts at 1 PM in the GVHS auditorium.  We will have:

· debut of the official MLCCC Promotional Video produced by our own Video Club!

· many awards to give out to our well-deserved and hard working students!

· performances by some classes and individuals!

Sports Day will start after Assembly ends, in the Back Gym, probably around 2:30PM.

We will have many fun games planned for students of all ages, come and join the fun!

1.  Summary List of Award Recipients - Congratulations!

The following students will be presented with certificates and awards. A big "Congratulations!" to them all for their accomplishment in many aspects of learning and growth during the past school year!

Chinese Speech Contest (7 top performers):

CSL (certificate and US$10): Grace Carroll

CHL Grades 1-3 (certificate and US$12, 10, 8):

1st Place: Joshua Anthony

2nd Place: Ada Li

3rd Place: Lily Tang

CHL Grades 4-6 (certificate and US$12, 10):

1st Place: Annie Le

2nd Place: Juliet Anthony

CHL Grades 7+ (certificate and US$10): Ziyue Gao

Character Recognition Contest (39 top performers, certificate and US$5):

CSL: Dalia Tsang, Jake Tsang, Emily Chi, Sean Eynard, Grace Carroll

CHL Grade 1: Ellen Le, JiaLin Xu, Jonathan Chen, Kevin Gu, Rouming Ai, Samuel Wu, Angela Piao, JiaYi Zhi, Esha Singh, Sarah Wu, XiaoRan Yan, Sean Tang, Lucie Chen

CHL Grade 2: Lily Tang, Kira Haebler, Ada Li, Jayden Chen, Raymond Wu, Wanyang Wu, Sofia Tang, Daisy Li

CHL Grades 3 and up: Jonathan Lee, Alison Tang, Annie Le, Henry Pei, Katelyn Wang, Joseph Zeng, Jefferson Wang, Ziyue Gao, Helen Zhu, Sarah Liang, Max Wang, Eric Torii, Jason Xu

Outstanding Junior Dancer Award:

Sarah Huang, Joy Lu

Persistency Award

3 Years (19 students, certificate, tuition voucher has been given):

Eva Cao, Livia Chan, Ella Gou, Mia Gou, Kira Haebler, Hannah Le, Ada Li, Justin Qin, Dalia Tsang, Jake Tsang, Julia Wang, Priscilla Wang, Andy Wu, Raymond Wu, Wanyang Wu, Isaac Xiao, Ivan Xiao, Grace Yao, Kyleen Zhang.

6 Years (1 student, certificate, tuition voucher has been given):

Olivia Wang.

Teachers’ Assistants (Certificate and Letter of Recognition Specifying # of Hours)

Nikki Cao, Tingfu Chou, Jenny Dai, David Huang, Sarah Huang, Rainy Jin, Peilin (John) Li, Jonathan Liu, Cheryl Qin, Ashley Tang, Eric Torii, Kevin Wang, Kevin Wu, Jack Yang, Kevin Zhang, Tingjing Zhang.

Thank you!!  We hope you have learned and grown from our mentorship. Your help directly benefited our teachers, admin, students and MLCCC community!

Students' Art Exhibit (11 top artists, US$5)

Ziyue Gao, Clayton Heinzmann, June Lawson, Tiffany Lin, Joyce Osborne, Kaya Shi, Shivika Varshney, Andy Wu, Angela Wu, James Yang, Phoebe Zhou,

Below are the links of our Online Art Exhibit: feel free to enjoy the creations of our talented students, at home or on the go!

Corina Wang’s Drawing Class at 2-3PM

Corina Wang’s Drawing Class at 3-4PM

Corina Wang’s Drawing & Pastels Painting Class

Zhang Dahong Class Photos: 6-years

Zhang Dahong Drawing Class Photos 10-years

2.  Important Dates:

June 3 Sunday 12-4PM: PTO Picnic, Valley Creek Park, see flyer

June 22: Early Bird registration ends.  We encourage everyone to register or ask questions soon so you don’t forget.  

3.  MLCCC has been qualified to Bestow the Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) to our volunteers!

MLCCC is now an PVSA qualified organization, which means your volunteer service will be recognized with the prestigious PVSA honor!

Best Regards,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Lu Li - PTO President

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