MLCCC 2018-09-23 news letter

Dear Parents,

Hope everyone’s family can spend some quality time this weekend in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival (September 24)!  Pioneered by our innovative PTO last year, our school’s own Mid-Autumn Mooncake Making Demo/Tasting event will take place this Sunday, in addition to regular classes (details below).  Check out our beautiful event flyer attached (created by Principal Xiong) and the beautiful slideshow of last year’s festival (created by PTO and Photo Club)!       

Parent On Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, September 23, Thank You!

1-3PM: Gao Huaxin, Wang Yun

3-5PM: Alice Zong, Le Bin

Thank you to those who suggested improvements to the Sign Up!  Sign Up link is

here. There are still many slots open.

1. PTO Sponsored Mid-Autumn Mooncake Demo/Tasting This Sunday

This event is in addition to regular classes and will take place in the Admin Hallway.  

In order give our children maximum exposure to this very traditional Chinese holiday, our PTO has again organized this hugely successful event initiated last year.  Our language teachers will also complement this event by teaching about the festival in class. Classes will come to the Demo per the following schedule. We were able to schedule most of the classes despite having limited time slots.

1:40-1:50PM MLP2  

1:50-2:00 NO DEMO

2:00-2:10 MZHY5 & CSL6 & CSL4  

2:10-2:20 MLP5 & MZHY4  

2:20-2:30 CHLK1PM & MZHY6 & MLP7   

2:30-2:40 Montessori K Ms. Teng & CHL AP & CSL2  

2:40-2:50 Animation & MLP1   

2:50-3:00 MLP3

3:00-4:00 NO DEMO   

4:00-4:10 MZHY7 & MZHY1 & MLP4   

4:10-4:20 Students Not Taking Any Chinese Language Class

4:20-4:30 Montessori K Ms. Wang & MLP6 & CSL3   

4:30-4:40 MZHY2 & CSL1  

4:40-4:50 CHLK3PM & MZHY3 & CSL5   

For students who are not in any language classes, 4:10-4:20 is your time slot.  If you normally would have already left school by then, then come any time during 2PM-3PM.

In addition to the Mooncakes, we will also have onsite:

- Fruit Tea / Milk Tea / Bubble Tea from the highly popular Mr. Wish store that just opened in KOP.  

- Traditional Chinese music (Erhu), read more about our junior Erhu Player on the Inquirer here.

- Calligraphy (Our teacher Robert Hsu and Parent Wen Xiao etc will present)

A big Thank You to our PTO, especially the mooncake chefs Tong Jinlin, Sun Mingqian, Xu Lei, Mao Yingying, and everyone involved!!  We hope it is another memorable event for our children!

2. High School Math Tests Intro & Competitional Math Info Seminar, Room 166 at 3PM This Sunday

Seminar will be in English.  Seminar outline (in English) is attached.

This highly popular seminar presented by our Weekend School alumni Kevin Wu and Kenny Yang is back this Sunday!  Together with 3 of their friends, this HiFive team will first speak on SAT, SAT II Subject Test, PSAT, and ACT’s math content, plus AP Calculus AB and BC.  They will speak from experience as they have taken these courses/exams already and achieved the highest scores. The second part of their presentation will be on high school level math competitions such as MATHCOUNTS and AMC 8/10/12.  

Just like last year, as they are donating their time and efforts to the seminars, they hope every attendee can in turn donate $2.  They will give 50% of the proceeds to our Weekend School and 50% to the MATHCOUNTS organization.


Last but not least, the HiFive Team will also unveil their upcoming math tutoring service.  So come and check out all of these valuable information!

3. Many Language Classes Will Hold Parent-Teacher Conferences This Sunday

Your teacher should have let you know of the conference already.  Though a few teachers postponed the conference to next week because of our Mid-Autumn Festival this Sunday.  

The school-wide Parent-Admin Meeting originally scheduled for next Sunday is also postponed because of our Mid-Autumn Festival.

4. MLCCC T-Shirts ($10) Still on Sale This Sunday

PTO will retain 10% of the T-Shirt proceeds.  So buy it for yourself, your families/friends, and wear with pride to support our PTO.  Thank you!

5. Textbooks Will Be Brought to School for Purchase Only if You Pre-Order

If you want to buy a particular textbook, let us know (reply to this email or send us a Wechat request in the official Wechat Group 明朗官方快讯群) and we will bring it.       

6. Orchestra/Band Club

They meet at 3PM in Room 156.  It is for children (or adults), taught by Mr. Kim Chan, and $100/school year.  We are calling on all talented parents and students to join us. Come with your instruments and have a great time practicing together.  Let Admin know if you are interested.

7. Let Admin Know if Switch Classes

We need to keep accurate records.  So if you move to a different class or time slot, please let Admin know.  

8. United Way and Smile Amazon (Ways to Donate): You Can Support our missions in Many Ways: See also attached for details of other Ways of donations and Support

-United Way MLCCC Donor Code is 45966:

Many companies are starting their United Way campaigns right now. Please consider designating your contribution to our Chinese Weekend School. Our agency code is #45966.

-Amazon Purchases – At No Cost to You but it benefits MLCCC!

If you need to purchase school (or house) supplies from Amazon, you can donate to MLCCC at absolutely no cost to you. We set up MLCCC as a donation recipient of Amazon. So whenever you buy from Amazon, please support us by buying via their charity portal and choosing "Main Line Chinese Culture Center" as your charity. You only need to choose the charity once, then every subsequent time, use has the same price as, but Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to MLCCC, at no cost to you.

9. MLCCC Safety Ambassadors

Mr. Liu Xiangqian will supervise this program. The Ambassadors will patrol the school campus and stop and report any inappropraite behaviors. We encourage students to sign up as a volunteer. It will count as volunteer hours toward the PVSA award. Come and talk to us if you want to join or have any questions/comments.

Look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday!

Best Regards,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Xiaofeng Tang - PTO President

MLCCC Chinese Weekend School



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