MLCCC 2018-04-15 news letter

Dear Parents,

Thank you to everyone for not using the side doors at the end of our wings last Sunday!  Some people are still parking in the fire lanes. Let’s all work together to eliminate this hazard as well!      

Thank you to many parents and the PTO, our Egg Hunt last Sunday was one of our more well-planned and organized hunts.  Thank you so much to the following parent volunteers for their help:

Cao, Li; Nikki Cao; Gao, Xiaoli; Laura Huang; Jiang, Lei; Li, Yan; Angela Liu; Richu Wu/Kevin Wu; Xia, Wen; Candy Zhang; Zhang, Lan; and PTO.

We know we missed some names, sorry.  

Despite the thorough preparation and the extra eggs that we kept replenishing, as happened every past year, some kids in the back of the crowd did not get any eggs.  Parents of those kids who did not get any eggs, please complete the survey below so that

1.  we have an idea of how many kids this happened to, as we try to improve our egg hunt process next year;   

2.  for those who did not get any eggs, please come to School Store area this Sunday to get eggs.   

Parent On Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, April 8, Thank You!

1-3PM: Lan Zhang

3-5PM: Hong Wan