MLCCC 2019-09-15 news letter

Dear Parents,

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 祝大家中秋节快乐! It is a time to celebrate the family and the year’s harvest. If you are in the mood, take your family along to attend the culture performance events (see below) coming up around the Philadelphia area. In the meantime, you can watch this video with your children to learn more about our holiday.

A big Thank You to our PTO and all volunteering parents for making MLCCC’s “Back to School Day & Community Fair” last Sunday a big success!  What a tremendous collective effort!

See Chinese newspaper 侨报’s report of our event in Chinese HERE

You can also read all the previous year’s China Press Reports on MLCCC’s events HERE. We thank China Press Philly for their continued support to our missions.

Please click HERE to read the FULL event report (in Chinese) authored by our PTO Staff Reporter Ms. Sherry Feng(冯旭芳), and 166 Photo Club/PTO members.  Thank you all!

1. Parent On Duty Sign Up:

To support the school operation and help create and maintain a safe and fun learning environment for all of our children, MLCCC PTO is calling on all parents to join our efforts by signing up the P We ask parents to sign up at least two shift per child registered. Thank you so much for your help and support!

2. When Paying Tuition, Please Submit “Pending Summary”

This speeds up the process tremendously. 

3. Textbooks and MLCCC T-Shirts ($10) Still on Sale This Sunday

PTO will retain 10% of the T-Shirt sale to support school-wide student activities, your purchase will help support the PTO, and your own children in many ways, so, come, buy it for yourself, buy it for your families and friends, and wear with MLCCC Pride, Thank you!

For those who already have the T-Shirt, wear it this Sunday, you may end up on our MLCCC Spotlight TV.

4. 3rd Annual MLCCC Mid-Autumn Festival is on Sunday, 09/22/2019

Just like we had last year, only better, Sunday, September 22nd, will be our PTO sponsored celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival including moon cake making, tasting, plus live music and calligraphy exhibit. Students will have the opportunity to make your moon cake while learning about this traditional and meaningful Chinese holiday. Event Sponsors are welcome. Volunteers are needed to help out, thank you.

Event Flyer is here. Please share with your neighbor families especially those with young children.

5. Parents are Invited to Check Out the New Classes we Offer this year

-Beginner’s Ballet is designed to introduce young children as young as 4-5 years old to the fundamentals of ballet dance. It teaches children about their body posture, movement, and balance. It will set the foundation for their continued learning of either Chinese Folk dance or Ballet. In addition, we have an accomplished Ballet dancer who is dedicated and passionate to teaching your children.

-Public Speaking and Writing: Our teacher Shelly is an accomplished public speaker herself. Her class will use public speaking as a tool to grow our children’s self-confidence and communication skills from an early age. It is one of the most important skills a child can develop.

-Chinese Chess and Magic Class: Both classes will introduce children to the world of logic and imagination, while Chinese Chess will teach children on thinking prospectively and globally, Magic class will immerse children in their imagination. Both teachers are passionate about what they do. 

6. 2019 Annual Staff Safety and Teaching Training A Great Success:

This year we had a record attendance to our annual mandatory safety training, it shows the high level of professionalism and how much they care about what they do at MLCCC, thanks to everyone making the effort on a Friday evening to be a part of this training.

Worth mentioning is our by-invitation special seminar of Kind-U by Dr. Christine Gorigoitia. This seminar introduces our staff to the basic understanding of motivating children to learn and to behave in class through a Kindness based program. It was a huge success. Thanks, Dr. Christine Gorigoitia!

Look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday!


Best Regards,


Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Xiaobin Li - 2019-2020 PTO President

Xiaofeng Tang - 2018-2019 PTO President

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Community Culture Events News:

1.《白蛇传》费城京剧社演出, 在学校买票$10一张并买二送一! Peking Opera “Legend of Madam White Snake“: Buy at School $10/Ticket & Buy 2 Get 1 Free 

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2PM-5PM

Place: Upper Merion Area Middle School (450 Keebler Road, KOP, PA 19406)

Performers: Philadelphia Chinese Opera Society

With English and Chinese subtitles

See attached flyer.

Tickets: $10.  If buy at school, buy 2 get 1 free.  Or you can buy online here. A portion of ticket sales is shared with MLCCC by PCOS!    


演出时间:2019年10月12日,星期六,下午2点, More info at:

Come and join us for a spectacular show of the ancient traditional art form with live orchestra accompaniment, colorful makeup, and exquisite costumes, martial arts dance, and much more! It is a rare opportunity to experience the heart-wrenching love between the snake deity and a mortal man, the struggle for freedom and pursuit of happiness across the boundaries of nature and time.  It teaches the lessons of tolerance and inclusion.

One performance only! Subtitles in English and Chinese will be provided throughout the performance. Free parking at the venue

2. 2019费城旋律金秋晚会: Friday, 8PM, 10/11/2019 


Event Flyer is here. Ticket info at

3. 费城交响乐团《中国之夜》特别演出-10月12日(周六),谭盾将指挥费城交响乐团,在Kimmel Center献上一个独具特色的“中国之夜”,机会难得,不容错过.

金秋十月,秋风送爽,又值新中国成立70周年之际,我们的老朋友费城交响乐团再次携手我们,又将为费城华人提供一场前所未有的视听盛宴——《中国之夜》专场演出。本次演出,费城生活攻略所属公司新主流传媒再次作为独家合作媒体, 番途作为独家第三方票务平台共同推广这次活动。

而本场演出阵容也是极为难得!谭盾、约翰·亚当斯、关峡、叶小纲、谭维维等众多实力派音乐大咖将为大家倾力献上一场不可多得的精彩演出!$10/ticket, 无手续费。

Info and Tickets here.