MLCCC 2017-05-06 End of term Exams, Last school store, new PTO team and Art display

Dear Parents,

Join us in extending best wishes to our very dear friend Xia:

With the school year drawing its close, MLCCC’s long time dedicated founder Ms. Xia Li will be ending her journey as the school principal soon.  The Admin team has been considering multiple options to give Xia some good memory for this significant chapter of her life with MLCCC.  One of the farewells we are doing is to collect all your best wishes to Xia!  A specially customized THANK YOU card has been personally designed by new principal Mr. Qunbin Xiong, we are collecting all of your best wishes to give to Xia. So stop by in room 152 on Sunday to sign the card with our sincerely appreciation!

School admins and teachers have been collecting voluntary donation for Xia as the last gift we can possibly present.  Parents have no obligation at all to participate. If you are willing to join the pool, pleases give the money to school’s new admin, current G3 teacher, Sally Chen in room 152.  Again no pressure at all.  We are more into the card you can put the sweetest words for Xia!

We all will miss her at school dearly!

Announcing the MLCCC new PTO team:

MLCCC wishes to extend an official welcome to our new PTO team: Shuguang Liang, Zhihong Lai, Jinlin Tong, Yufeng Li, Sally Chen, Xia Zhu.

On behalf of our students, teachers and parents, thank you for your commitment and services!

Our students, teachers and our parents are very fortunate to have all of you joining and leading the PTO! In doing so, you have already set a great example for our children, just like Sherry has done! Also, as Sherry has exemplified for many years, I am sure our new PTO will continue the good traditions and function as an integral part of our teaching, learning, and our parents and community activities!

Our current PTO president Sherry Wang wasted no time in seeing both the successful takeoff of new PTO and the smooth transition of the long list of duties before her leaving the school! Thank you Sherry again for your unselfishness and thoughtful preparation!

The Admin team will work seamlessly with the new PTO, our teachers and the Board of Directors to maximize the efficiency of limited resources and man powers to promote, to grow and to expand services and programs.

Rest of School Year Events

This Sunday: Art Class Exhibit/Contest, Textbook Sale; last day of in class learning

5/14: Assembly and Sports Day

6/4: PTO Picnic



Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Best Regards,

Li, Xia - Principal
Julia Chou - Director of Operations and Communications
Sherry Wang - PTO President
MLCCC Chinese Weekend School
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