MLCCC 2017-02-03 news letter

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much to ALL for making this year’s gala another great success!  The performances were wonderful!  All of our children, parents, and teachers did a fantastic job!  The snack table had a wonderful spread!  The Culture Fair tables were well supervised!  Thank you to EVERYONE for your hard work, donations, and preparations!

A big Thank You to several individuals:

- Sue Cheng for writing the Master of Ceremony script and hosting so gracefully;

- students Sophia Pan and Eric Torii for doing an absolutely fantastic job hosting;

- Lu Li, Bill Zhang, and Alex Greenblatt for taking so many gorgeous photos;

- Qunbin Xiong for hosting, designing Gala program book, and compiling Gala music!; and

- Julia Chou for contacting and managing the media coverages!


Food donors (in last name alphabetical order):

Shu Bao, Younan Chen, Sue Cheng, Valerie Cheng, Diane Chi, Julia Chou, Lei Ding, Liling Du, Yafen Ke, Zhihong Lai, Huimin Li, Wen Li, Xia Li, Shuguang Liang, Yujie Liu, Kathy Long, Mingyu Mao, Audrey Moore, Emily Wang, Fenghua Wang, Sherry Wang, Yinnan Wang, Mei Wen, Qunbin Xiong, Hua Yan, Elizabeth Yao, Shu Zhang, Hong Zhou, Alice Zong

Volunteers (in last name alphabetical order):

Kim Chan, James Chen, Yu Chen, Sue Cheng, Julia Chou/Tom/Tobey/Skyler Le, Tingfu Chou, Long Ding, Graham Draper, Baoli Gao, Robert Hsu/Elizabeth Wang-Hsu, David Huang, Laura Huang/John DeFillipo, Allison Lam/Juliet/Joshua Anthony, Ping Lan, Christina Le, Steve/Stephen Le, Jessica/Jack Lee, Huimin Li/Chuibi, Jing Li, Ling Li, Lu Li, Ran Li, Wen Li, Xia Li/Jun/Tom Huangpu, Yufeng Li/Sherry Feng, Shuguang/Sarah/Alan Liang, Jason Lin, Weiwei Ma, Mingyu Mao, Valentino Rudi, Hezhen Shao, Xiaofeng Tang, Iris Teng, Jinlin Tong, Yuki/Eric Torii, Qingmin Wang, Sherry Wang/Tom/Kenny Yang, Xin Wang, Mei Wen, Melissa Wright, Qunbin Xiong/Liping Wang, Xuedan Yang, Honglei Yuan, Amy Zhang, Bill Zhang, Dahong Zhang, Hong Zhou, Jian Zhou/Yuefang Tao/Sophia Pan

We tried to get every donor/volunteer’s name but so many people helped.  Apologies if we accidentally omitted someone.

Also, if you have a comments/feedback about our Gala, whether a compliment or suggestion for improvement, please share with us!

Media Coverage:

Media coverage this year is again one of the best in MLCCC history!  We were even covered by a newspaper before the Gala.  Post Gala, we were featured on TV and on a newspaper website!!  See links below and check out photos and videos of our children performing!!!

TV (ABC 6 O’Clock and 11 O’Clock News):

Newspaper website:

Photographer Alex Greenblatt put some great Gala photos on our Facebook, that one can easily download:




Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Best Regards,

Li, Xia - Principal
Julia Chou - Director of Operations and Communications
Sherry Wang - PTO President
MLCCC Chinese Weekend School
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