MLCCC 2019-09-22 news letter

Dear Parents,

Check out Club 166’s 明朗焦点 MLCCC Spotlight Interviews of our first day of school!  New teachers of the year in Public Speaking (ToastMasters Model), Magic, and Chinese Painting classes (supported by our China culture partner, the “Yi Shu Ge” (or 一书阁), and our talented instructors, Ms.Shelly Xiali, Mr. Lian Li and Tony Li, are featured.  Many other classes/students are also in focus too.  Audios are either accompanied by full English subtitles or in English. Thank you so much to Club 166 and our guest host Ms. Anna Ji for another episode of awesome MLCCC TV production!!     

Also check out PTO member, MLCCC Staff Reporter, Ms. Sherry Feng’s extended article in Chinese on our impressive First School Day.  Thank you, Sherry and Club 166 again for both the encouraging words and photos!  

Parent-On-Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, September 22, Thank You!

1-2PM: Xiaobin Li

2-3PM: Weijie Zhang

3-4PM: Tindy Li

4-5PM: ?

We are calling on all parents to sign up for duty this school year at this link.  We ask parents to sign up at least two shifts per child registered. Help is especially needed this Sunday for our Mid-Autumn celebration.  Thank you so much for your support!

1. 3rd Annual MLCCC Mid-Autumn Festival is This Sunday, Starting at 1:00PM

This Sunday, September 22, will be our PTO sponsored 3rd Annual Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations including moon cake making, tasting, chorus singing (the Big Round Moon, or 月亮圆, by First graders, etc.), plus live ErHu music and calligraphy and Chinese Painting exhibits.  To refresh your memory, check out our 2018 Mid-Autumn Video, 2018 Mid-Autumn Slideshow and 2017 Mid-Autumn Slideshow (all directed and produced by famous MLCCC Club 166) to see what the events are like!  During the EXTENDED recess, the Language classes will visit the mooncake stations in our hallway as a class and have the opportunity to make their own moon cake while learning about this meaningful Chinese holiday.  We encourage those who have traditional Chinese clothing to dress up for this special occasion! Classes will still be held. This event is in addition to regular classes but considered a key part of our cultural education.  Event Sponsors are welcome. Event Flyer is here.  Please share with your neighboring families especially those with young children.  We also need many helpers; please sign up Parent-on-Duty, contact PTO directly or just step on the event day. Thank you!

2. Kabuki Sushi Restaurant $20 Gift Card for only $15 - All Proceeds Benefit PTO Sponsored Activities such as this Sunday’s Moon-cake making at Mid-Autumn Festival.

School Store has KOP famous sushi restaurant Gift Card On Sale!  Buy face value of $20 gift card for only $15! Gift cards expire in one year on 9/19/2020.  All proceeds go to our PTO! Thank you, parents and a big thank you to Kabuki owner Mr. Kenny Gao for the generous donation!

3. International Chess, CSL Adults, and Other New Times and New Classes

In response to parent’s popular demand, and to accommodate most students possible for a popular class, we have made some adjustment, starting this Sunday, please be advised:

- we are opening a 3PM and 4PM International Chess class starting this Sunday.  The Chess master is Mr. Tom Bartell of the Main Line Chess & Games. You can see Mr. Bartell’s ranking here.  Mr. Bartell has been teaching Chess for some time and is skilled in instructing young children to learn and compete.

- we have moved Junior Journalist’s class time to 4PM;

- we are opening another Chinese History & Literature class at 3PM;

- and English Class for Seniors’ class time has changed to 2PM.

- CSL Adults class runs 3PM-5PM in room 166, open enrollment now.

- Beginner’s Ballet at 1PM 

- Public Speaking and Writing at 2PM and 3PM

- Magic at 2PM and 3PM

- YiShuGe Chinese Painting at 4PM 

- Chinese Chess at 3PM


4. Some Language Classes Will Hold Parent-Teacher Conferences This Sunday

Your teacher should have informed you about the conference already. Though a few teachers postponed the conference to next week because of our Mid-Autumn event this Sunday. Please make an effort to attend, this is the best chance to get to know your teacher and have your questions answered.  

5. Last Bulk Textbooks Sale This Sunday. All purchase after this Sunday is by Request Only. Some books are limited in quantity at this time (to reduce high over- inventory cost). If you have any issues with your textbook, please let know asap so that we can help you.

6. United Way and Smile Amazon (Ways to Donate): Please consider MLCCC as the Recipient of Your Annual Donation to support our missions. There are many ways to donate, here are a few:

-United Way MLCCC Donor Code is 45966:

Many companies are starting their United Way campaigns right now.  Please consider designating your contribution to our Chinese Weekend School.  Our agency code is #45966.

-Amazon Purchases – At No Cost to You but it benefits MLCCC!

If you need to purchase school (or house) supplies from Amazon, you can simultaneously donate to MLCCC at absolutely no cost to you.  We set up MLCCC as a donation recipient of Amazon. So whenever you buy from Amazon, please support us by buying via their charity portal and choosing "Main Line Chinese Culture Center" as your charity.  You only need to choose the charity once, then every subsequent time, use has the same price as, but Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to MLCCC, at no cost to you.

7. Chinese Essay Contest by “The China Press” Newspaper - Deadline 11/30/2019 《侨报》第八届美国少年儿童中文大赛火热进行中!

More information here. This year, the Contest has many prizes. By participating, you will also gain an opportunity to become a junior reporter for the China Press media and selected few may become the editors of the Junior Journalist News Bulletin, and even qualified to be in their international long distance English education. It is a great opportunity to be read and to be seen. We highly recommend our students to take part in this contest. Remember, participation IS winning.

Look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday!


Best Regards,


Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Xiaobin Li - 2019-2020 PTO President

Xiaofeng Tang - 2018-2019 PTO President

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