MLCCC 2017-09-17 news letter

Dear Parents,

Wow, what a smooth first day at our school last Sunday! We want to thank everyone who helped to make it a great success! It was truly a team effort! Thank you especially to our PTO members for selling textbooks, errands, suggestions, and taking photos!  

侨报:明朗中文学校迎来新学年 全心服务、更上层楼(China Press article: MLCCC Welcomes New School Year: From Good to Better Services):

Our first school day was captured by us and also reported by 侨报 China Press’s both Wechat Edition and weekend Print copy. The story was collaboratively written by our own third grade teacher Ms. Tang Ying, our new PTO President Mr. Li Lu and former MLCCC’s Public Speech Teacher Ms. Cheryl Wang. The photos were taken by our own Mr. Lu Li and Ms. Zhihong Lai, both of whom are on the PTO and are MLCCC Photo Club instructors. Thank you all!