MLCCC 2018-02-11 news letter

Dear Parents,

Happy early Chinese New Year!  

Official Chinese New Year is February 16, when Year of the Dog arrives.  

Parent On Duty This Sunday/周日值班: February 11, Thank You!

1-3PM: Chengde Wu

3-5PM: Emily Wang  

1.  First MLCCC Community Day of Wellness Last Sunday a Success

Thank you to Dr. Weiguo Li, the Association of Chinese American Physicians in Greater Philadelphia (ACAPGP), and our PTO for organizing this well attended event! After all, a healthy community makes a strong community! This is the beginning of a new partnership between the MLCCC’s Seniors CAREs Center and the ACAPGP in improving the overall wellness of the greater MLCCC Community, especially our seniors. We thank them for their spirit of volunteerism! See below attached photos for the event scenes.

2.  Term Exam for CHL-MLP Classes This Sunday

Good luck to our students!  Enjoy your classroom mini-parties!  Please clean up afterwards. Thank you!

3.  红包 10-School-Dollar Red Envelopes to All Students

Thank you to our PTO for sponsoring this traditional Chinese New Year custom!  Each student will get 10 school dollars in a red envelope.  The red envelopes will be distributed by language class teachers plus the SAT teacher to their classes.  For those students who are not enrolled in either a language class or the SAT class, please come to the Admin Desk to get your red envelope.   

Additionally, to infuse the culture aspect more into the lessons, many teachers have been talking about or will be talking about Chinese New Year in their classes.   

4.  Free Calligraphy Writing This Sunday

为欢庆2018年春节,二月十一日,明朗中文学校将邀请前来费城探亲访问的世界华人精英联合会书法专委会常务副会长、中国湖北荆州书法家协会原副主席肖型荣教授 (明朗家长肖文的父亲)和到访的山西书法家冯伏桃先生以及我们明朗的书法老师师许福春联合行动光临明朗社区为我们的家长书写春联, 赠送福,禄,寿,喜,弘扬中华传统文化,提前为我们的传统节日增添欢乐庆氛。我们希望大家踊跃前来观摩, 欣赏中国书法之美和受赠。

We delighted that accomplished famous calligrapher Mr. Xingrong Xiao (father of our parent Ms. Wen Xiao) and Calligrapher Fuyao Feng will be visiting us this Sunday and writing and giving away Chinese New Year characters/sayings as gifts to our families.  Together with our own calligraphy instructor, Dr. Robert Hsu, they will add the festival atmosphere to our community celebration of the traditional Chinese Holiday, the Spring Festival! Come join us to experience the beauty of Chinese calligraphy!    

5.  Gala Dry-Runs This Sunday

At the suggestion of some parents and the discretion of each teacher, classes can practice lining up and performing in the Admin Hallway near Fencing this Sunday during recess.  We will mark the ground and pretend it is a stage.

6.  EAGLES Logo Pencils on Sale at School Store This Sunday

7.  Simple Lunch for Our Families Who Arrive Early on Gala Day (Feb. 18)

While Gala starts at 1pm, many families arrive several hours before, during the morning, to decorate, setup, rehearse, etc.  As a convenience for these hard working families, school has decided to provide simple lunch (pizza) for those who arrive before 11:30am.  We hope this gesture makes your busy day a little easier, and as always thank you for all of your support.  

8.  Gala Day (Feb. 18)  Logistics

Only Auditorium and Cafeteria will be Open - no in-class learning that day

We will not have access to classrooms and the gym.

Parents Arriving at GVHS:

Regardless of your usual class time, if you are performing on stage, follow your teacher's directions on when to arrive at GVHS. For example, even if you normally come to GVHS for a 3pm class, your teacher will ask you to arrive earlier if you are performing.

Where to Sit in the Auditorium:

The children (and their parents) of the same act should sit together, to make gathering students to go onto stage faster.  We will mark the seats.  Children are their parents’ responsibility.  Our teachers’ responsibility is to bring the class onto the stage and supervise their performance.  Each act will line up to go onstage 3 acts before its own performance.       

Ascending the Stage:

About 2-3 acts before your child's act, please follow your teacher's instruction to line up for going onto the stage. To avoid disturbing the ongoing performance, please leave the auditorium from the back door. Stage entrance is outside the auditorium room on the right hand side if you're facing the stage.

Food Donation:

If you have the time, please consider bringing in a treat (homemade or store bought) on Feb. 18 for the school store to sell. Thank you in advance!

Supervising Game Stations:

If you can supervise a station during the Culture Fair 3pm-5pm, please let Admin know.  You do not have to do the full 2 hours.  Thank you in advance!

9.  Gala Highlights


Our own Lion Dance Team

Martial Arts Performance by Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy 赵长军武术学院 (famous Kungfu Grand Master), please see below for their impressive presentations of the Chinese Martial Arts by 美国赵长军武术学院.

Culture Fair in Cafeteria:

Calligrapher Mr. Xiao

Tea Ceremony by TranquiliTEA Temple

All of our popular culture, craft and game stations

10.  MLCCC Chinese Summer Camp Registration Has Begun

Chinese Summer Camp (9 weeks, same location 45 Walker Road)

Dates: 6/18/18 – 8/17/18

Time:  Full day 8am-6pm; 3/4 day 8am-3:30pm; half day 8am-1pm;


Note the 3/4 day option now ends at 3:30pm, to correlate with the ending time of Camp’s “Special” classes like Art, Tennis, etc.  

Registration Form is attached, at link below, and at the Admin Desk.

2018 MLCCC Summer Camp Registration Form Download

2018 MLCCC Camp Flyer Download

Enrichment Summer Camp (2 weeks, same location 45 Walker Road)

English Writing, Math (rising 3rd - 6th graders)

7/9/2018 - 7/20/2018

Registration Form will be available later.

Best Regards,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Lu Li - PTO President

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-First MLCCC Community Day of Wellness-


-Introducing the 美国赵长军武术学院-

美国赵长军武术学院学生;2014年荣幸参加时代广场跨年演出这是中国武术首次登时代广场,2017再次联手世界冠军在时代广场展示中国功夫。2017年Brillian Fu, Rachel Lee, Bridge Liu, Selina Lee, Christian Tsai, Anson Sheu, Vincent Sheu, Jessica Du, Kong Chen, Zi Chen等17人代表美国国家武术队参加了第七届世界传统武术锦标赛并获得: 三金, 六银, 六铜的优异成绩.