MLCCC 2018-03-18 news letter

Dear Parents,

We received two emails from GVSD this past week regarding a door that was propped open by a trash can during our school hours last Sunday March 11. The door, it seems, was left open into the night, letting in cold air and worse, causing an alarm to go off and security to respond and come to GVHS. GVSD thinks we left the door open because they have a photo of our kids near this open door, and therefore is passing the $250 bill they received from the security personnel onto us. We are still trying to obtain more details.  In the meantime, please do not prop any door open.  Please also remind your children to stay within our wings and not roam around to other parts of the building. GVHS is monitored by numerous security cameras. Let’s all work together to be more vigilant and prevent this type of incident from happening again, thank you for your attention!

Parent On Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, March 18, Thank You!

1-3PM: Lan Zhang