MLCCC 2017-11-12 news letter

Dear Parents,

The change of seasons is a great opportunity to inspire children to observe and appreciate the beauty of nature. So take your children out into nature, into autumn, into the world of colors!   季节的变换也是激发孩子们对大自然观察和欣赏的一个好时机,请家长们和孩子们一起走进大自然,走进秋天 ,走进色彩的万花筒:

“一片一片又一片, 赤橙黄绿青和蓝,无意走进万花筒, 秋色无限到天边”。

(One leaf, two leaves, and  three leaves, Of rainbow colors and at you, it waves,

All of a sudden, you are in season’s mood, for the colors of Autumn, extends beyond the woods)


One Photo tells it all (by Lu Li and Rong Wang, MLCCC Photo Club)

Parent On Duty/周日值班: November 12th, Thank You!

1-3PM:  ???

3-5PM:  Lan Zhang

MLCCC Community Center (Room 166) Schedule November 12th:

1-5PM: Open

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