MLCCC 2018-09-30 news letter

Dear Parents,

Our PTO sponsored MLCCC’s 2nd Mid-Autumn Festival was a HUGE success!!  It is almost perfect in every way: Operationally smooth, decoratively festive, nutritionally delicious, culturally fascinating and educationally rewarding, we effectively and magically brought a real holiday celebration, with food, music, and calligraphy, right to our students, teachers, and parents!!  


PTO Mooncake Top Chefs:

Tong Jinlin, Sun Mingqian, Xu Lei, Mao Yingying, for making 300+ mooncakes!!!

Erhu Top Musician:

Kelvin Wang (with his grandpa), mesmerizing!!!

Calligraphy Top Artists:

Hsu Laoshi and Xiao Wen (PTO), gorgeous!!!

PTO Entire team members:

Lai Zhihong, Li Lu, Li Yufeng, Liang Shuguang, Men Lijie, Zhu Xia

Cao Li, Feng Xufang, Liu Yan, Tang Xiaofeng, Wen Xiaoqian, Xiao Wen, Zeng Chuibi, for all the planning, setup, not being able to attend their children’s parent-teacher conferences or their own classes in order to help!!!

Photo Club Top Photographers - check out the event photos HERE, can download:

Li Lu (PTO), Lai Zhihong (PTO), Le Bin, Liang Shuguang (PTO), Yu Guohui, Yang Qiuping, Huang Yan, Zhang Zhiyu, Huang Zhenxin, Yan Qingrong, Gao Huaxin, Xiong Qing, for squatting, leaning, bending again and again, from above and from below, just to take that perfect photo, for editing photos until 2AM in order to bring it to us sooner!!!  

Festival Photo Slideshow: If you prefer to enjoy all the beautiful photos while listening to traditional Chinese music, check out this slideshow HERE (contains the entire collection of the photos by the Photograph club members).

Our Writers - check out our event report in Chinese HERE:

Feng Xufang (PTO) and Tang Xiaofeng (PTO), for re-capturing our event with poetic eloquence!!! 心有月光明朗(Xīn yǒu yuèguāng mínglǎng),无论故土他乡(wúlùn gùtǔ tāxiāng) (If you have MLCCC and the moon in your heart, you are at home no matter where you are).

Our Class of Junior Journalist - check out their premier production HERE

Teacher Ms. Wen Xia, and Junior Journalists: Ziyue Gao, Mia Gou, Ethan Guo, Kelvin Guo and Vivian Wu for the showcase of their first field production, Congratulations!

Parents-on-duty and volunteer parents: lending a hand wherever it is needed.

Gao Huaxin, Wang Yun, Alice Zong, Le Bin, Zhang Bo, and many more!!!  

Last but not least, our teachers:

Teng Laoshi, Wang Xin Laoshi, Gao Laoshi, Wang Liping Laoshi, Mao Laoshi, Cai Laoshi, Li Jing Laoshi, Hu Laoshi, Li Huimin Laoshi, Li Ran Laoshi, Wang Rui Laoshi, Qi Laoshi, Yuan Laoshi, Yang Laoshi, Zhang Laoshi, Kang Laoshi, and Xia Laoshi for dovetailing with this event by devoting precious class time to teach/talk about the meaning of Mid-Autumn celebration!!!

Sincere apologies to those whom we accidentally missed acknowledging!!!  Thank you!

Parent On Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, September 30, Thank You!

1-3PM: Wang Xiaowei, Zhang Bo

3-5PM: Le Bin, Laura Huang

Sign Up link is HERE. There are still many slots open in October, November, December.

1. Thank You to Last Week Math Seminar’s HiFive Team for Giving Half of the Donations They Received to Our School  

HiFive = Kevin Wu, Kenny Yang, their parents, and friends.

2. School-Wide Parent-Admin Meeting Postponed

This meeting was originally scheduled for this Sunday, but we are not ready yet.  

3. Textbooks Brought to School Only if You Pre-Order: Reply to this email or Wechat us

4. Orchestra/Band Club - 3PM in Room 156 Most Days, Inquire at Admin Desk

5.United Way Campaign: United Way MLCCC Donor Code is 45966:

Many companies are starting their annual United Way campaigns in October, please consider designating your contribution to Main Line Chinese Culture Center. Your support will help our students to learn and our teachers to teach. Thank you!

Our agency code is #45966. Let us know if you need help making this choice.

Look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday!

Best Regards,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Xiaofeng Tang - PTO President

MLCCC Chinese Weekend School



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