MLCCC 2018-03-04 news letter

Dear Parents,

Parent On Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, March 4, Thank You!


3-5PM: Yujie Liu

We had one of the best Gala and Culture Fairs in MLCCC history last Sunday! We started on time, there were many new elements to the Show, performances rotated through quickly, and the Show was peppered with great programs! See selected photos here (more photos and videos will be coming soon, thanks to the PTO and the Photography Club members!)

It is the results of a great teamwork!

We thank all the students, teachers, and parents for working hard together to make this happen! We also thank our generous sponsors for their tremendous financial support. Below is our “Thank You” list. Apologies if we accidentally missed someone and please do let us know.  

Special Guests: Thanks for joining us on this special day

Commissioner Terence Farrell

State Senator Andy Dinniman

Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy

Chinese Consulate in New York

Calligraphers Professor Xiao Xingrong and Mr. Feng Fuyao

Special Donors:Thanks for your

Clara Kong - Managing Partner at New York Life

West Chester University

Isha Foundation

Weili He - Realtor at Anju Realty

PTO (led and helped on countless aspects): Lai Zhihong, Li Lu, Li Yufeng, Liang Shuguang, Men Lijie, Sun Mingqian, Tong Jinlin, Zhu Xia

Taichi: Shao Hezhen Laoshi and adult students

Lion Dance: Valentino Rudi Shifu, Chris Anthony, Rob Evans Jr., Chris Heinzmann, Liu Yan, Talib, Zeng Cuibi

MCs: Xia Wen Laoshi (wrote script), Nikki Cao and Eric Torii (hosted)

Junior Journalists Class (created pre-Gala video): Xia Wen Laoshi, Camden Chin, Sarah Liang, Victor Liu, Eric Torii

Photos/Video: Lai Zhihong, Li Lu, Tang Ying, Yuki Torii, Zhu Xia, and other Photo Club members

Show/Culture Fair/Setup/Cleanup/Other:

Sally Chen/Arthur Hu/Vincent Gao, Chen Younan/Bin Le, Julia Chou/Thomas Le Laoshi/Tobey Le, Du Liling, Laura Huang/Antony Defillipo, Sarah Huang, Lai Zhihong, Allison Lam, Li Huimin Laoshi/Zeng Cuibi, Li Ling Laoshi, Li Lu, Li Yufeng/Sherry Feng, Liang Shuguang/Sarah/Allen, Mao Mingyu Laoshi/Jin Jian, Men Lijie/Kevin Zhang, Sun Mingqian, Tong Jinlin/Hao Yuqin, Xiong Qunbin/Wang Liping Laoshi, Candy Zhang, Zhang Dahong Laoshi/Zhang Tingjin, Zhang Wanxia Laoshi/Peilin Li, Zheng Min, Zhu Xia/Joy Lu.

Qipao Team, TranquiliTEA Temple         

Food Donors:

Bao Shu, Diane Chi, Chen Younan, Gao Kai, Allison Lam, Bin Le, Tom Le, Liang Shuguang, Mao Mingyu Laoshi, Moore Family, Qi Shen, Spana Family, Sun Mingqian, Emily Wang, Wang Liping Laoshi, Wang Qingmin, Sherry Wang, Carol Wen, Candy Zhang, Zhu Xia.

1.  Real Estate Seminar This Sunday By Mr. Peter Fang, 1:15PM Room 166 讲座

资深房地产经纪方玉麟先生(Peter Fang)自2004年开始从事房地产业。以真诚可信负责的态度和丰富的谈判,销售经验己为广大客户提供了优质的房产买卖和出租管理的服务。在大费城地区享有着良好的声誉。方先生曾多次在当地华人社区作有关房地产的专题讲座.



-计划Down size时,如何在房产买卖中成为赢家


-See Flyer Attached

2.  Photo Club - No Class This Sunday, to Accommodate Real Estate Seminar

3.  Food Vendor Quality

If the food you bought from outside vendors such as King’s Village or Duck House had quality/health issues (i.e. bad odor, upset stomach, etc.) please email and state the name and vendor of the food item.  Armed with data/information, PTO can then talk with the vendors, else quality/safety issues may happen again.

4.  Gala Video

Our Gala’s video is still being produced. We will play certain parts of it on TV in our hallway this Sunday. If you want a copy, please go to School Store, fill out form, and leave a USB drive (at least 4GB), marked with your name.   

5.  All MLCCC Summer Camps Info Uploaded onto Website

Chinese Language and Culture:

6/18 - 8/17: 8am-6pm, partial days available, you can download the registration form here.


7/9 - 7/20: English Writing and Math Enrichment for rising 3rd - 6th graders.

8/6 - 8/17: Fencing for ages 7-14 (afternoon only)

You can download the Combo registration form here.

Preliminary schedule of Enrichment Camp teachers are:

English Writing - Abington School District teachers

Math - Tom Le (same as last summer, MLCCC SAT, Math, Chess teacher)

Fencing - Graham Draper (same as last summer, MLCCC Fencing teacher)

$50 Registration Fee waived if submit deposit by April 2.

6.  Character Recognition Contest 识字比赛 Moved to After Easter

This Contest was originally scheduled for mid-March, but now is moved to after Easter, to tentative contest dates of April 8 and April 15.

Best Regards,

Qunbin Xiong - Principal

Julia Chou - Vice Principal

Sally Chen - Director of Academics

Lu Li - PTO President

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