MLCCC 2018-04-29 news letter

Dear Parents,

Next School Year’s Early Bird Registration Has Begun.  Make tuition payment Now to Get 10% Discount. See below for registration link and new classes.   

Also, our students have done a superb job on our Annual Character Recognition Contest!  56 students participated (WOW!), and 39 are top performers (WOW again!) and will be awarded at the school assembly!  We are especially proud of our students of the higher grades because, for the first time in this contest’s history, grades 3-8 students were tested on cumulative memory, on words all the way from grade 1 through their current grade!  Yet almost every one of our higher grade students achieved 95+%. This is indeed a huge accomplishment! Please see list below and Read the story (in Chinese only)

On a different topic on safety, one of our students brought in a nerf gun to school last Sunday and the toy bullet accidentally hit another student in the eye/face. Luckily, the student that was hit just had some redness around the eyes and is fine now. Toy guns and toy weapons are not allowed in our school. They will be confiscated if found during school. We ask parents to please pay attention to the items that students bring to school; teachers to please be alert in and out of the classrooms, and for all of us to take action immediately if you see dangerous play. Safety of our children is our top priority and a team effort!  Thank you for your attention.

Parent On Duty/周日值班: This Sunday, April 29 , Thank You!

1-3PM: Carol Wen